UnitedMasters is a technology platform that serves as an operating system for independent creators.
Translation is the world’s most culturally influential independent creative company.



Entrepreneurial spirit is how this company began, and remains vital to our success. And entrepreneurial spirit means that ideas and case studies only go so far: ultimately you need to get on the (proverbial) plane and fully commit to the journey.


We expect that everyone has confidence in what they do know, and honesty in what they do not know.  


We’ve never seen anyone fail that did not quit. And that’s why resourcefulness and resilience are equally important to us: we can’t just start with a great idea: we need to keep pushing, failing fast, getting better– and never quitting on our mission or your team.


We have the courage to embrace the unknown, and work through uncertainty rather than grasping on to an inferior plan just because it is more immediately apparent.


The only way we will consistently achieve excellence is to constantly challenge each other and the work we do together. Artificial harmony among our team will only hold us back. But as we challenge each other, we must always do so with respect for each other and the work.


We seek to understand our customers so well that we can anticipate what they need– and how to build for the need– before it’s even asked for. This is equally important for our artists as it is our brand clients.


Our Offices

Brooklyn, New York

Our company headquarters is located in Dumbo; a forward-looking, electric place to work with sprawling riverfront parks and cultural centers. Enjoy happy hour or lunch on the rooftop with a view of the Brooklyn bridge.

Los Angeles,

Located in Culver City, a booming arts and culture district, our LA office sits at the intersection of multiple established and growing neighborhoods. Grab lunch with your co-workers and check out the best new local digs.

San Francisco,

Our SF office is located in the heart of Union Square, one of the most prominent luxury shopping districts in the world. Built in 1908, the historic building offers panoramic views of the city from our office on the top floor.

While each office is unique, we offer monthly opportunities to come together virtually and in-person for events focused on well-being, inclusion, growth and connection.

How We Work

Hybrid First
We value the relationships, ideas, decisions, and business results that are facilitated through face to-face interactions in the workplace. We also respect that not all work needs to be performed in our company's onsite work locations. We've adopted a hybrid work model which allows employees to work remotely 2 days a week and in the office 3 days a week.

Work From Away

Our work from away benefit allows hybrid employees to work remotely from anywhere for up to 4 full weeks per year.

Some of our roles have a limited need to be in office and are designated as remote. 

Professional Development & Employee Recognition

If our day jobs are our “majors,” our devout passions are our “minors.” We are creators, collectors, historians, and more. We have both a Major and a Minor – and in everything we do, we allow our expert fluency across different pockets of culture to elevate the work. In pursuit of bringing our whole selves to work, we offer the Minors Development Grant Program.

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) award is peer-nominated recognition of team members who exemplify and represent our values. Three winners each quarter are selected by a panel of judges to receive this top honor that includes a cash bonus, trophy, and feature at our All Hands.

Our Future Leaders Program is a leadership accelerator designed to grow, cultivate, and distinguish our top talent. The 8-month blended program consists of internal and external training, networking

events, mentorship, off-sites, CEO roundtables, and incubators.


We believe that by providing benefits that cater to the diverse needs of our workforce, we can cultivate a healthy and inclusive workplace where employees are empowered to thrive both personally and professionally.

Health & Well-being

Our health plans provide comprehensive coverage for you and your family. We offer robust medical, dental and vision benefits, with the option to enroll in FSA and HSA to save for the care you need. Plus, you can get free fitness classes through insurance, and healthy snacks at our offices.

Emotional & Mental Well-being

Focus on mental health and well-being has become more important than ever. We offer a spectrum of support for your mental well-being; from Headspace mindfulness and meditation, to free therapy and psychiatry at Talkspace.

Financial Well-being

Every full-time employee is eligible to take part in our 401(k) with company match, and competitive compensation.

Flexibility & Time Off

We believe that flexible time off allows our team members the freedom to balance the responsibilities of both their work and home lives. We also have 15 paid holidays and a paid company winter break. We offer generous paid leave and support for expecting parents and growing families.

Discounts & Perks

We want you to feel your best, both professionally and personally. We’re proud to offer inspiring office spaces with engaging events, commuter benefits, and discounts on the services you want and need.


"UnitedMasters offered me a very unique opportunity to build and lead a team of world-class engineers all focused on developing technology to help artists and creators make a living from their art. I have always been a deep lover of music, and I had previously worked on other products that support creators, so I knew that leading the engineering team at UnitedMasters would be a thrilling experience for me."                                                                                                                            

 - Pablo Jablonski,
VP of Engineering

"Translation isn't like any place else I've worked. From the beginning, I met the genius behind a 1990 hit single on an all-agency Zoom and knew I was in a special place. I’ve also heard truly inspirational speeches from business leaders and the CEO regularly interacts with employees. This place is open and committed to making sure everyone feels included, and I'm very grateful for that."

  - Aryan Aminzadeh,Group Creative Lead

"UnitedMasters is truly one of a kind. It is not often that you find a place that really has it all. This is a company that not only values their employees but they also invest in their future. Your role here is broken down into two parts: your major and your minor. Your major is your actual role at the company and your minor is what you are passionate about outside of the company. The company is aware that things we are passionate and curious about outside of the office are what makes us, us."

- Goldie Harrison,
 Sr. Manager, Streaming & Marketing

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