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Your future has no labels.

For too long, artists have had to surrender their independence and creative freedom to make it in the music industry. Until now. Sign up for UnitedMasters to amplify your independence.

By uniting
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, we empower you as an artist to take control of your career to get smart, get fans, get paid.


Get smart about who your fans are, what they like about you, and how to grow your audience with our powerful artist tool. Fueled by your data, our tool will provide you with personalized guidance on how to cut through the noise.

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Get paid by becoming a UnitedMasters partner. The most promising artists are invited to receive financial, marketing, and distribution support backed by a team of music marketing experts. At UnitedMasters we believe transparency and fairness is key. That's why you remain your own boss, you own your masters, and stay in control of what you create.

Our investors share the same passion and ambition to empower all artists to amplify their independence.

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