Split Pay Terms

Effective Date: January 31, 2023

If UnitedMasters’ Split Pay feature is made available to you, the following additional terms apply. You understand and acknowledge that all payments to you are “all-in” payments from which you are solely responsible for paying and accounting to all applicable licensors, songwriters, publishers, artists, producers, mixers and any other third parties, and any applicable taxes or tariffs. In no way limiting your obligation to make all necessary payments to your collaborators, royalty participants or any other third party who may be owed money due to the exploitation of your User Content (collectively, your “Split Pay Payees”), you may use Split Pay to direct UnitedMasters to pay a percentage of the monies otherwise owed to you directly to your Split Pay Payees. In order to use Split Pay, you are required to include your Split Pay Payees’ email addresses and split percentage in advance. All Split Pay Payees will then be prompted to either register with the Services or log in to their current User Account with the Services in order to accept and receive such split payments via Split Pay. 

All payments to you (i.e., other than the split percentages directed to your Contributors) will remain subject to the terms of the applicable distribution tier you are currently utilizing. Our compliance with your request to direct payments via Split Pay will constitute an accommodation to you alone. All payments of Royalties hereunder shall constitute payments to you and we will have no liability whatsoever by reason of any erroneous payments hereunder or failure to comply herewith. You will indemnify and hold UnitedMasters harmless from and against any and all claims threatened or asserted against us, or any damages, losses, liabilities or expenses suffered by us, in connection with such Split Pay payments.

If you are a Split Pay Payee, you understand and agree that all of the provisions of the Terms shall apply to you as a User of the Services. You will begin to receive your share of applicable payments as a Split Pay Payee during the month in which you create your account. You also agree and acknowledge that UnitedMasters’ payment to you via Split Pay is done as an accommodation to the Split Pay Payor who has directed such payment to you, and such User can revoke the direction of such payment to you at any time. You hereby release, acquit and forever discharge UnitedMasters from any and all Demands arising out of, or related to, or regarding your use of Split Pay and any payment or non-payments related thereto.